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ConProc consultancy streamlines the management of procurement and sourcing in the Middle East’s energy sector to drive efficiencies and added value

Gap Analysis

We compare your present structure and process flow (Requisition to Payment) with the best in class companies to be able to eliminate inefficiencies and ensure no disturbances in your core operations.

Procurement & Sourcing Organization Structure proposal

We create and execute organizations that will help companies fully utilize their resources and have valuable support to operations. We can also interview and recruit supply chain talents that will have a positive impact on the procurement and sourcing department and on the company as a whole.

Process Diagnostics & Implementation

We will look into your present procedures and determine how to upgrade it to the next level. We will also handle the implementation of the new approved procedures.

Category management and Taxonomy

We create organizations that are oriented around category management. We customize taxonomies with the objective of having enough transparency and visibility on what and who is the company spending money on. That is essential if you want to create strategies on your main spend items.

Tendering and Contract Management

We handle and train your team on how to tender in the market and how to evaluate the received offers. We can also handle this task fully as an outsourcing partner.

Personalized Procurement Manual

We will personalize a rule book to be used as a reference for all employees whenever in doubt. This manual will have all the procedures and policies that employees needs to know and understand well.

Customized KPIs to Monitor Performance

We create personalized KPIs to monitor the performance of the procurement and sourcing department along with the savings created and their impact on the company’s financial statements. We can create a live and accessible dashboard for all the key employees to compare the results with the set objectives.

Spend Analysis and Objectives setting

We can create a dashboard that will show you your spend on monthly basis and highlighting the high spend categories for the procurement leads to be bale to set the right objectives for their teams.

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