ConProc Support
Choosing between different software vendors or different products from a single vendor
  • Improper sizing/scoping of system
  • Oversimplifying/overselling
  • Identifying key options
  • Highlighting pros and cons
Project Preparation
Identifying team; Project plan; Implementation of standards and procedures
  • Multiple procedures
  • Overextended business reengineering
  • Un-alignment
  • Time limit
  • Right team selection
  • Develop required standards and procedures
  • Ensure suitability of hardware system
Business Blueprint
Mapping of the existing business process to the process provided by SAP
  • Improper module selection
  • Improper selection of systems for erp application
  • Business process and work flow definition
  • Agree on process outside of ERP system
Customizing the SAP software to be in sync with the organization’s business processes
  • Development of new objects based on requirements
  • Data quality issues
  • Defining elements of customizations
  • Ensure efficient transferring of legacy data into the new system
Changes tested in isolation and in a consolidated manner using real time data
  • Testing process
  • Testing time
  • Testing data
  • Defined testing process
  • Participation of full team
  • Sufficient testing
Final Preparation
Production system is prepared using the changes from the Realization and Testing phases
  • Bugs / Gaps
    • Training
    • Clearly defined process and workflows
    • Fine tuning
    Final product is released to end users
    • Resistance to change
    • Unrealistic expectations
    • Training and monitoring
    • Cost management
    • Adapting process to suit ERP